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weighted long enough talk show

Through the authorship of Amina Kirk Thornton the creator of Weighted Long Enough.  This show was created off the base of the unanswered questions that left Amina, wanting to explain more of the process in which she had taken to become a better and healthier daughter, mother, wife, and PERSON.  Her book became an inquiry to many.  Young, old, rich, poor, political, religious, gay, and straight, Amina saw a need to expand her writing to becoming a beacon for "Weighted Long Enough."

From serving in the United States Navy, Missions, Everyday Woman Duties.  Amina endured her own "hidden" lack of confidence, yet, endured it as we all attempt to do.  Understanding the emotional roller coaster of her, especially, in the generation of her life "what happens at home, stays at home... it's no one else business."  Amina, found writing and talking about it was true: "a weeping at night, but, joy in the morning" type of life experience for her.  That she now wants to help others gain that experience. Now, you can find Amina Kirk Thornton, a certified life coach operating in her transparent, altruistic, and anointed being, offering globally reconciliation to individuals who need to be rebuilt, rebranded, and re-established for themselves.  Through Weighted Long Enough Talk Show Amina will be introducing others who have also broken barriers in their respected "lack" and willing to assist in healing others in their relatable setbacks and overcoming through their own WEIGHTED LONG ENOUGH TESTIMONIES. 

SHOW FOCUS: All aspects of self-esteem, not limited to self-development and self-love





Weight Gain & LOSS


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RUSSELL M TYSON, Producer, Graphic & Web Designer

Born October 2, 1980, in Atlanta, Georgia.  He strives in life as a millennial version of  The W.E. B. Dubois "The Talented Tenth.  Russell has served in the Arts since the age of six years old, as an actor, singer, dancer, and model. Through studies from Model Mayhem in Virginia for modeling, through the Alliance Theater, and personal training from various acting coaches, it was June 19, 2006, Russell produced his very own stage play, "A Changed Mind." By mentioning, became a popular demand production! Russell has produced various stage plays, music videos, tv shows, ministries, and other projects throughout the states. This self-published writer, director, and producer, on June 20, 2009, started his very own production company, Nspired Images Inc, with the mission to encourage, educate, expose; through entertainment. We can now find Russell serving in these current days, as the owner of Nubian TV, JSCT Scholarship Program, Humanitarian Activist, Graphic & Web designer; continuing his mission.

Quote: "Allow Your Negative to be your Positive" - Russell M. Tyson


DANIETTE A. THOMAS, Fashion Stylist

Founder, the lead designer, stylist, and creative director of DANIETTÉ, a custom fashion design company based out of Savannah, GA, servicing globally! Danietta, since the age of eleven years old, with a sheet of paper and a number two pencil, Danietté passion for fashion was birthed. At the early age of twelve, Danietté sought after the Savannah College of Art and Design. As a self-taught with SCAD mentorship designer, Ms. Thomas eventually showcased her senior collection in the annual SCAD Fashion Show. Recognized fashion pioneer by Andre Leon Talley,  Danietta, in fall 2015, became commissioned for her first custom couture piece, and start her business.  Danietta accomplishments include two seasons at New York Fashion Week,  showcase her designs at the Oscars of 2020. More recently, with the threat of COVID, Danietta now has included within her Signature Collections a custom fashionable and safe apparel, The Danietta Mask.  These apparels are designed to ensure her buyers maintain their Daniette Style while maintaining safety during the trying times.  Danietté is a full-time designer, stylist, and entrepreneur, continuing to bring her creative couture fashion. Tune into Weighted Long Enough Talk Show, as Amina will be rocking many of Daniette Fashion. 






A native of New York City, Amina has overcome many obstacles and adversities, her passions are focused on reaching and helping others about the importance of bettering themselves through lifestyle, psychological behaviors, physical attributes, and embracing one's full potential.


Once a licensed Dentistry professional, she dedicated her work after military service to serving America's Veterans at Naval Hospitals and Veteran Medical Centers.  As of late, Amina has completed her own manuscript to be released in the spring of 2021. Amina has been a contributing Author in three Anthologies that have reached the height of AMAZON Bestseller, she was featured in the first season of the televised Docuseries WHY DID I BECOME A MODEL and also featured in the AMAZON Prime Docuseries LIFE LOVE and LOCKUP Volume 1.

Amina has appeared in magazines for her entrepreneurial savviness, she actively Writes, Speaks, Models gracing the Runway for International Fashion Designers and currently Acts in Theater and Short Film Production, seeking enhanced film acting roles and print, commercial modeling opportunities.


Amina Kirk Thornton dropped two-hundred pounds and switched professional gears ultimately revamping her life. Today she resides in Georgia with her husband and children, known for fashion Modeling and becoming an Amazon Bestselling Author. Amina enjoys Acting, she’s an Entrepreneur, Speaker, US Veteran, Global Missionary delivering Humanitarian Relief abroad, and Certified Life Coach.