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 - Professional Head Shot (300 Dpi) (Submit in Jpeg or PDF format)

 - 400 character BIO (Submit in PDF, Word format)

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Becoming A Guest

Weighted Long Enough Talk Show with Amina is a pre-production taping based in Atlanta, Georgia but NOT limited. With the future ventures to host Live Audience Shows.  As our platform is geared to assist our viewers with the diverse topics that we bring forth in hopes that the conservation will give them a better perspective for themselves or someone they may know.  Weighted Long Enough Talk Show grants us not to only focus on weight challenges but other everyday challenges.  Allow us to discuss what you "Weighted Long Enough," for.

Thank You

for your interest in 

Weighted Long Enough Talk Show

As a guest on WLES Talk Show.  Our market is to reach the masses! With respect to the honorable networks that is allowing us this platform we request the following:

  • No usage of Profanity or Racial/Offensive Slurs

  • Come Makeup & Air Ready (To use our makeup artist for a Full Natural Glam look $65 for Eyes Detail $25 include eyelashes)

  • Come sexy/GQ fashion - PROFESSIONALLY dressed nothing offensive (DO NOT wear anything GREEN)

  • Each taping is set for 1-hour block per guest (After Edit:  The show will be 24 minutes to air on MEMEALLOVER Productions and the Full show will air on Nubian TV)

Filming details: 

  • This is a 3 point shoot with lights per angle.  With wide, mid, and close shots.  Therefore, all parts of your appearance will be featured.  The decision on how you care to look will be your decision.  All shows will be final 

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